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Product Datasheet

Item number: 10-003



General Information


UCY-TOF60 is a bio-fuel made from tall oil pitch and other oil distillates. It is used as a low-sulfur-substitute of heavy fuel oils, mainly in power plants.



Typical properties of UCY-TOF60





Acid Value


max. 130

Effective Heat Value ASTM D240 (°C)



Viscosity at 50°C, mPa.s. (cP)


max. 600

Sulphur, %


max. 0.4

Flash Point, °C


min. 100

Ash, %


max. 0.6



Product handling

UCY-TOF60 should be delivered at around 50 °C and the recommended minimum storage temperature is 40 °C. If UCY-TOF60 is subjected to cold temperatures during storage or transportation it may become cloudy or show some precipitation or crystallization. This is a normal characteristic and not a defect. If affected, the material should be gently heated to around 75 °C and circulated or agitated to restore the clear and bright condition.

Delivery form

Preferably bulk liquid in road tanker, rail tank wagon, ISO-container. Delivery in flexitanks, steel drums and IBCs is possible subject to product handling considerations above.







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