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Artikel 60-107
Öle und Fette Gas Kohle und Koks Biomasse Strom Chemikalien Projektierung Service-Angebote


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ES 2527 K

Product Data Sheet

Item number: 60-107



General Information


Chemical name:

alcohols C12-C14, ethoxylated (1-2, 5 EO), sulfates, sodium salts

Molecular weight:

approx. 384

Solubility in water:


Other solvents:

low aliphatic alcohols

Density at 20°C, g / ml:

approx. 1.04




anionic surfacant used as a component of cleaning, washing and cosmetic agents




Packaging, Storage and Transport



Cisterns or tanker trucks made of acid resistant steel with heating elements, polyolefin containers or other packaging as agreed with the customers.


Storage conditions:

Store in closed vessels made of acid resistant steel or other corrosion-resistant material fitted with heating elements and a mixer or a circulating pump or store in closed polyolefin containers. Recommended storage temperature of 15-45 °C. IN a short period of time, maximum storage temperature of 50 °C. Copper and its alloys may cause colouring of the product. Guaranteed period of stability: 6 months from the date of manufacture.



Limitations resulting from ADR, RID IMDG and ICAO/IATA regulations do not apply.




Technical Requirements


Appearance at 20-25 °C:

viscous liquid

pH of 10 % solution of active substance:

7.0 – 8.0 (PN-EN 1262:2004, solution A, temp 25 °C)

Active substance, % (m/m):

25.0 – 27.0 (PN-ISO 2271:2000)

Klett colour, Klett value

max. 50 (MB-0033)

Unsulphonated substances as active substance, % (m/m):

max. 4.5 (MB-0006)

Sodium sulphate (VI) as active substance, % (m/m):

max. 2.0 (MB-0031)







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