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Artikel 10-046
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Crude Tall Oil– Mixed Wood 2nd Grade

Product Datasheet

Item number: 10-046




General Information


Crude Tall Oil (CTO) is obtained from the wood pulping industry. It is a dark brown viscous liquid extracted and processed from softwoods and hardwoods. Crude Tall Oil has a complex composition of fatty acids, resin acids and neutrals.


Crude Tall Oil is suitable for distillation or other applications. Since being nature born material it has variation in its physical and chemical properties and figures below are meant to be only typical for Crude Tall Oil.







Mixed Wood 2nd Grade



Oily product of brown or dark brown colour




Typical Analyses





Mass part of resin acids


min. 20

Acid number

mg KOH / g CTO

min. 120

Mass part of unsaponifiable matter


max. 20

Mass part of lignin and mechanical impurities


not determined

Mass part of water


max. 2

Mass part of fatty and resin acids and neutral substances


min. 91




Typical Analyses


·         Road tanker

·         Rail wagon

·         ISO-container






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