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Artikel 40-030
Öle und Fette Gas Kohle und Koks Biomasse Strom Chemikalien Projektierung Service-Angebote


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Mixed Vegetable Acid Oil (Pflanzliche Fettsäure)

Product Data Sheet

Item number: 40-030



General Information


The product is obtained as a by-product of oleochemial processes from vegetable oils. It can be used for energy, biodiesel and oleochemicals.





Aspect (25 °C)


dark brown pasty to solid

Total Fatty Matter


min. 90

Moisture and impurities


max. 3

Free Fatty Acid


min. 30

Acidity Value

mg KOH / g

min. 59

Iodine Value

mg I2 / g

min. 70

Pour Point


max. 35

Specific Weight (20 °C)

g / l

approx. 0.9



max. 0.5

Calorific Power

J / g






·         bulk in Road tankers

·         bulk in ISO tanks





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