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Product Datasheet

Item number: 10-026



General Information


UCY-BR3 is a product obtained by fractionation of crude tall oil. It contains around 3 % of rosin, shows a light color, has a low pour point and has no tendency to crystallization.


UCY-BR3 is indicated to be used in formulations of soluble oils, semi-synthetic oils, anti-corrosive amides, industrial cleaners, agent for anionic flotation reagents, alkyd resins, imidazoline corrosion inhibitors, metal working fluids.



Specification of UCY-BR3




Appearance, visual

yellow, liquid

Acid Value, mg KOH/g

min. 185

Rosin content, %

max. 3.5

Color, Gardner

max. 6



Typical properties




Iodine value

125 mgl2/g

Saponification value

195 mg KOH / g

Neutral material

3.0 %

Density 25/25°C

0.905 g / cm³

Flash point

200 °C



Shelf life


12 months, since kept in its original well-closed package, away from heat sources and oxidative products. Note: This product may become darker along time, especially if heated.

Delivery form


Liquid in ISO-container or flexitanks.







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